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Parent Volunteers

Parent and community participation and support will be essential for OPS to have success. An increased level of parental involvement in the school community will lead to a dramatic increase in students' academic and social/emotional growth. Therefore, OPS will rely on parents to commit service time to the school. 8 hours per quarter (16 per semester, 32 per year) are expected per family. The goal is for parents/family members to do their volunteering incrementally, as each quarter occurs, versus doing them all at once at the end of the year. Parents can complete this time in many ways, at many times. This could include, but is not limited to...

 Improving and Maintaining the Facilities (Cleaning the facility, Lawn service, Painting, Carpentry, Disinfecting tables and chairs, Cleaning microwaves, Assembling furniture)

 Assisting Teachers & Staff (Assisting with lunch, Assisting in the office, Organizing classrooms, Proctoring a test, Tutoring a student)

 Substitute teaching

 Chaperoning field trips

 Helping with fundraisers and community events

 Carpooling


All parents should complete the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION before logging hours.

Once the application is completed, use the VOLUNTEER LOG-IN to sign up for opportunities.