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Student Service Program


A key element of the OPS mission, is developing well-rounded students who have completed service in the community. The OPS graduation requirements reflect that mission, whereas students are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours community service each school year for promotion. The student volunteer form and online log link can be found below. Students will have logged all of their hours online or turn in this completed form to the office in May.

Seniors: due April 30, 2018. All other students: due May 9, 2018. Students may not participate in graduation without completing this requirement.


  • Keeping track of your hours is your responsibility-use THIS form or the online links below.
  • Students are required to complete 15 hours of service to the school and community each year, accumulating at least 60 hours before graduation.
  • No more than 8 hours can be done at or for Oxford Preparatory School.
  • Students may use NO MORE than 1/2 of total hours from any one single event. For example, a week-long mission trip to Peru counts for no more than 8 hours.
  • Community service must be things done in the community. Babysitting does not count, unless student is helping a community family (not their own family) in need and they are not getting paid.
  • No service hours may be counted if the service was done for one's family.
  • No service hours may be counted if student is paid for the service.
  • All service hours must be signed by the supervisor in charge and OPS school administration. Forms will not be accepted if they are not signed.
  • Students cannot purchase any books or supplies in exchange for service hours.
  • Students may not count carpooling as service hours unless approved by the administration at the beginning of the year or before any carpooling has begun.

To log service hours, students will need to first complete the STUDENT VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.  

Once their application is approved, students can log completed hours on the STUDENT VOLUNTEER LOGIN.  

If students select "Other - Hard Copy Narrative Required" or prefer to log their hours on paper, they can use the linked STUDENT SERVICE LOG FORM.