Our curriculum is specifically designed to offer expanded learning experiences for students who aspire to earn a four-year college degree. We expect every student to master the college preparatory curriculum within four years. We challenge each of our students beyond the traditional measures of proficiency and drive them to excel.

Setting high expectations

Unlike many other schools that have a goal for students to simply graduate from high school, the goal at Oxford Prep is that students graduate from college. This means that our expectations for students at Oxford Prep are intentionally set higher because we are focused on preparing students for success in college. 

We also expect exemplary discipline, personal responsibility and organization, timeliness in completion of work, and attendance in class.

Scholars program

Our Scholars Program reaches far beyond typical “honors” programs. Students who have consistently scored at least in the top 70th percentile on EOG scores in the most recent school years in both math and reading and have earned A’s and B’s make ideal candidates for entry into the Oxford Prep Scholars Program. 

Students in our Scholars Program begin taking high school classes as early as the seventh grade, and their first AP course in ninth grade. To graduate as a Scholar, students must take at least five AP classes and the associated AP exams. To remain in the Scholars Program, we require students to continue making acceptable progress on all coursework, including their college and elective classes.

Earn College Credits

Our College & Career Promise (CCP) program is an innovative program of study developed to prepare students for selective colleges and universities in and outside of North Carolina. Students who successfully complete our Scholars program can earn more than 30 hours of college credits through AP testing and college coursework in only two years. Since we began this program in 2015, our participating eleventh and twelfth-grade students have successfully completed an average of eight college credit hours each semester.

Dual Credit
Advanced Placement (AP)