Our School

Oxford Preparatory School (OPS) is an independent, public charter school that is designed to mold students into future leaders. By combining a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, service to the community, and an emphasis on the arts, OPS employs a unique approach to education focused on graduating well-rounded students who will someday become the future leaders of our community, nation, and world.

Preparing College Graduates

OPS has not only set the goal of 100% graduation but will also provide every student with the necessary skills to gain admission to and graduate from a four-year college or university. Our unique curriculum is designed to develop a student's ability to critically think, write, and demonstrate what they have learned beyond traditional standardized testing.

Rise to a Challenging Curriculum

Students follow an academic path intentionally designed to ensure they meet the rigorous criteria established for entry into a four-year college or university. 

Additionally, we have replaced traditional "honors" classes with "Scholars" classes. Starting in the ninth grade, students in our innovative Scholars program take their first of at least five Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Students who successfully complete the Scholars program can potentially earn up to an entire year's worth of college credits, and they have the best chance to gain admission to the most selective colleges and universities within and outside of North Carolina.

beyond smart—We develop well-rounded students

Finally, OPS looks to develop all students' appreciation in the visual and performing arts with a robust selection of electives focused on the arts.

This is Oxford Prep